Ledger Wallet

A Safe and intelligent Bitcoin Ethereum & Co.-Hardware-Wallet - Ledger Nano

The Ledger Nano is convenient and easy to use. Connect the Ledger Nano directly to a USB port to access and manage your account, protect their bitcoins and make secure payments.

Buy Ledger S Nano (Update: May 2018)

A very simple way to create your Bitcoins keep right

If you own Bitcoins, is to store and protect your responsibility.

Ledger Nano is extremely safe, Thanks to the highest safety standards, used by banks. In case of loss or theft of your Ledger Nano can be backed up and restored your account. You can use your ledger Nano with any computer, PC, use Mac or Linux. Each user can install the ledger Nano and use any technical expertise.


a Wallet, tailored to your needs

You can use your ledger Nano, your Bitcoins offline store and / or carry out everyday online payments.

Ledger S Nano experience / review Pro

+ place 1 beim Bitcoin Wallet Privacy Rating Report 2016
+ Cheap hardware Wallet
+ Easy to use and setup
+ Supports multiple Altcoins
+ Running Open Source Apps in complete isolation
+ Can also be used with Android smartphones via an OTG cable
+ FIDO / U2F compatible with the secure login on the Internet
+ Own display and keyboard as the second factor Google


- Chrome or Chromium is provided
- limited space for apps (see review)


  • simplicity The management interface for your Bitcoin account is a Google Chrome application - easily accessible and user-friendly
  • Backup & restoration In case of loss, you can use the Ledger nano on any ledger Wallet (Nano S or another) or other compatible solutions (BIP-39) restore
  • USB port The Ledger Nano can be combined with standard USB ports on the PC, Mac, and Linux connect. He can also use the phone, with a USB adapter (OTG), be used.
  • Design & equipment The Ledger Nano is small, aesthetic and easy. It was developed in France, mounted and comes with many extras.
  • safety Your bitcoins are blocked by a microchip and secured by a pin code. Transactions to be reviewed by an anti-malware second-factor

Convert your Kryptos by Ledgerwallet

If you order your Ledgerwallet, we recommend the app "BitcoinChange" available for iOS and Android to convert your cryptocurrencies.

The Ledgerwallet offers no direct way, to swap or crypto currency into another without a public Exchange (Börse) to use.

example: You now have Ethereum in Ledgerwallet. But suddenly crashes Ethereum and you want to e.g.. Change Bitcoins. Then BitcoinChange is ideal!


  • They remain completely anonymous during crypto exchange
  • Their private circuits remain the same to you
  • No risk of chopped Exchanges
  • No lengthy KYC and registration



size: 61mm x 12mm x 4mm.
Weight: 5,87g.


Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS. A USB port is required for your Nano Ledger.


connection: USB Typ A.
certification level: CC EAL5+.
lifespan: 30 years / 500.000 write cycles.


Nano: brushed stainless steel, Plastic and silicon. Armband: silicone.

Ledger Wallet integration:

Ledger Nano S Bitcoin Bitcoin

Ledger Nano S Ethereum Ethereum

Ledger nano S litecoin Litecoin

Ledger nano S Fido u2f Fido U2F





The Ledger nano S operates Ledger Apps (free google Chrome applications) but you can also use other compatible software-wallets from the following list:

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GreenBitsGreenBits BitGoBitGo

Ledger Wallet S

EUR 69
  • Schwarz

Ledger Wallet S

EUR 59
  • Transparent

Ledger Nano S

EUR 149
  • Double pack

Ledger Nano X

EUR 119
  • Bluetooth
  • Latest model